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Skill Games Help the Mind

The next time you sit down with a Sudoku book or another brain fitness game, you aren't just having a good time. You could be improving your memory and sharpening your brain function with these games. Some areas that are improved are your number skills, core cognitive abilities, and problem solving.

Sudoku and other brain training games are specifically designed to stimulate your brain as you play. While you keep playing because it's fun, the gameplay is focused around working with brain functions like memory and multi-tasking. Some studies, focused on the elderly and stroke victims, find that the visual and verbal acuity of those studied improved over several months of playing games.

If you've never played brain training games before, you have a wide variety to choose from. Sudoku is similar to crossword puzzles, but using numbers instead of words. Computers and modern video game consoles have brain training games available, especially on portable game consoles such as the Nintendo DS. Smartphones also have memory games available. The internet is also filled with different memory games like bingo, chess, and hundreds of new games that come out each year.

If you're more of a fan of board games, Jenga is a great brain training game that also helps with your hand-eye coordination. Memory card games that you may have played when you were younger are also great for training the memory. Checkers, or chess, both work well for stimulating the mind. Games of checkers tends to be quicker than chess, so if you're a bit strapped for time with your gaming you might want to choose checkers as your preference.

If you're interested in tracking your progress with memory games, keep a journal from the time you start playing the games. See if you find that your memory and numbers handling gets better as you play. You may want to track your own metrics over time, if you're looking to improve in a specific type of brain function.

Even if it doesn't seem like you're making much progress at first, you'll see that you're making headway when you look at your progress over the period of a few months. This is why it's important to keep a journal of your progress. You might find that you go after more difficult games over time, or you might complete the ones you're working on faster.

No matter what type of memory game you choose to play, they're a fun way of improving your brain function. You might think that it's all fun and games, but you're getting plenty of worthwhile improvement as well. There's nothing quite like having your game playing improving your entire life.