Clever game to train your brain

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       Clever game to train your brain

Concentration Training

Most people experience difficulties when they need to concentrate on one task. Your mind is distracted by some other different thoughts, talking on ICQ, listening to music... Besides, your colleagues are constantly interrupting you.

There are a lot of methods to overcome this problem. Of course, you should try to organize your working time and place properly. Shut down ICQ, turn off music when you are working. And as for extraneous thoughts you can learn how to get rid of them with help of special concentration training technics.

We offer you simple exercise to train your concentration. It is a kind of game. You see a table with numbers from 1 to 25, placed randomly in its cells. You need to concentrate and find them in order form 1 to 25 clicking on them with a mouse.

The technique is very simple, but do not hurry up to sigh sceptically. It is known that similar exercises are used by astronauts during the preflight training!

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